My name is Nicole Naios Najchaus. I grew up in Argentina, Bs.As.
In 2012 I left home for a trip to Colombia, planning to return within the next six months, and yet I’m still traveling.
I encountered photography in 2010, but I got more connected with it as I traveled, and it was then when both my passions came together.
-“It’s necessary to go from corner to corner everywhere in the world”- said to me by a Cuban street poet that I met once in one of those corners. And there, I understood the importance of perspective, of being open, of “cornering” the world to get to know it, to listen to it, to walk it, to fight it, and to hug it. Because resistance is to be found in each of those invisible, distant corners, that everyone sees, but nobody talks about.
Traveling I learned that the best way of discovering a place is connecting with its people and their culture, that’s why I’m so passionate about portraits. I feel that people’s eyes and their expressions talk to us.
I invite you to discover the world through my eyes and to see the work that I’m doing along the way.